Universal language of the human experience.


The journey of life is filled with twists and turns, some foreseen, others unexpected. Much like music. Sometimes the music takes a predictable, familiar path whether it touches our emotions with the tone of the harmonies, the flow of the melody, the beat of the rhythm, or the story of the words. Other times it may touch our more adventurous side extending with a more free-flowing and capricious course, boldly taking us on a new journey with less predictability.

Whichever side of the continuum a musical composition resides, and to whatever degree, there is no doubt that musical composition is a communicative language. A language that connects people within the realm of human existence regardless of race, creed, nationality or religious affiliation.

There may be personal differences in musical taste, but musical differences only solidify the connection we have to each other. Through our deep need to have music within our world as basically evident by the lullaby that brings comfort, the pop song that gets us singing/humming along, or the jingle we can’t seem to get out of our head, the construct of music touches our souls as an entire human race in a manner that is simply undefinable, and yet undeniable.

We hope you enjoy Dave’s musical interpretations and compositions noted for sale on the merchandise page, or are able to see him share his joy for music at an upcoming event.

As always, we wish you great joy and connection to the soul of music, where ever you may choose to listen, however you may choose to communicate it.

Peace Love & Harmony,