As Leader:


           So Many Stars

As supporting musician:

With Keith Javors: 

          The Free Project (ArtistShare)

With The American Music Project

          On the Bright Side (Inarhyme) 

With Conga Se Menne

          Finnish Reggae

          Land of the Conga Boys 

          Living Inna Northern Paradise

With Papa Crow

          Things That Roar

With Eric Erickson:

          A Case of Good Judgment

          Slide Rules

With Tanya Stanaway Jouluna:

          Vol. 2 Jurvelin-Stanaway

          Vol. 4 Soumalaisia Mustoja

          Vol. 5 Kokoelma Tanjan Mieluisia

With Betsy Lucas:

          The Last Taboo

          Counting the SKY

          Delivery Girl

With The Targeteers:

          Mustache Men

          Empty Holster

With Les Ross Sr.:

          Hulivili Huuliharppu

With Jerry Mills:

          The Real You

          Life Line

With Martin Sherwin:

         Three Feathers

With Wil Kilpela:

         Wil Kilpela & Friends Band 

With The Terminal Orchestra:

         The Seasons